[Bug 59513] Re: Rhythmbox freezes a lot

Martin Jürgens martin at gamesplace.info
Wed Sep 20 14:59:17 UTC 2006

It seems that I run into the same issue. When I open Rhythmbox and play
some music, it sometimes happens that I can listen to the music but that
I cannot use Rhythmbox anymore (I minimize it to the tray, maximizing
does not work then anymore). When the current song ends, a new song does
not follow (but it does normally). Rhythmbox causes a cpu usage of 95%

Neil, is this the same issue that appears for you or do I have to create
a seperate report?

I noted that there is a grey piece on the screen that which seems to be
part of the Rhythmbox current song notification. I cannot right or left
click on it. When I kill Rhythmbox, it disappears.

I am going to attach a screenshot.

Rhythmbox freezes a lot

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