[Bug 60424] Re: [Bug 60424] Re: GTK default icons used in several places

Mika Fischer mika.fischer at zoopnet.de
Sat Sep 16 09:58:23 UTC 2006

Andreas Nilsson schrieb:
> Actually it was inconsistent before as well, as Ubuntu use the Human
> icon set by default and Human don't have these icons, so it used to fall
> back on the icons provided by tango-common.

That may well be. But for the artwork layman such as me that did not
stand out in any way. The icons in dapper seemed consistent to me.

The icons in edgy's dialog look like they're from the last century and
they probably are...

Again, my issue is with how Ubuntu will be percieved by normal users.
And these icons are a huge step in the wrong direction.

GTK default icons used in several places

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