[Bug 59333] Re: gaim window size unrestricted

Richard Laager rlaager at users.sf.net
Wed Sep 13 16:20:55 UTC 2006

I'm in agreement with Luke here. My buddy list is currently not wide
enough to display all of "Help", but I don't care. I want it that size.
If I were using the German translation, I'd probably cut off half the
menu. Who cares?

I think we'd all agree that sizing the window so that you can't see any
of the buddy list widgets is "unreasonable". Perhaps we'd all agree on
some size that's "reasonable". But still, why should we bother to write,
debug, and maintain code to stop the user from doing something that's 1)
stupid (or, if you prefer, "unreasonable"), 2) what they requested, and
3) easy to undo with no harmful effects?

In any case, this sounds like a "hypothetical" bug. We try to avoid
addressing bugs unless it's a real problem for the submitter personally.
This 1) saves us time, 2) helps us better resolve bugs. When someone is
just speculating, they don't have as good of a view as someone who is
actually affected by it. This is the same idea as the legal concept of
"standing". Now, this isn't a hard and fast rule.

I'd also like to quickly counter a couple of your other points about
unreasonably small windows:

"unrecognizable" - If you have a task bar, you can still click the tiny
title bar (in the absolute worst case) that's left, and see from the
task bar which window is selected.

"cosmetic bugs" - I don't think these are a huge problem, given that the
user has done something unreasonable. However, if they bother you, they
can be filed as bug reports on the appropriate software and fixed.

gaim window size unrestricted

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