[Bug 56452] Re: Edgy: at-spi Crashes frequently

Joanie j-diggs at comcast.net
Tue Sep 12 15:18:25 UTC 2006

*For me*, the crash nearly always appears on reboot and not before.
Logging out and back in is not sufficient  -- which rules out live CD
replication.   All I have to do is launch Orca, quit Orca, and reboot.
I can reproduce this 100% of the time on all three of my Edgy boxes.
I'd get a backtrace if I could, but I'm not sure how I'd go about doing
so given that the crash occurs on reboot.   But I'm quite new to all of
this.  Therefore, if there's a way to pull the backtrace off under these
conditions, do please let me know how, and I shall do it.

In terms of trying it with a new user:

Under installed Edgy i386, latest updates, Orca from CVS HEAD, Fonix
DECtalk installed:

1.  Create a new user -- give the new user permission to administer the system (so that the crash report icon appears upon reboot).  Leave all other settings alone.
2.  Log in as the new user
3.  Run Orca and go through the setup process
4.  Log out, then back in
5.  Launch Orca
6.  Quit Orca
7.  Reboot and log back in as new user

Crash report icon appears.

Edgy: at-spi Crashes frequently

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