[Bug 45308] Re: [Dapper] Regression: improper icon label for usb storage devices

Trouilliez vincent vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Tue Sep 12 02:58:53 UTC 2006


Ah, I think I found something :
I started Windows XP (that's what I used to set the volume label to "Camera 64MB", initially), and noticed that it TOO, didn't show the volume name !
So I (re)created it, then miracle, Ubuntu can now display it !
I am not sure how it disappeared though ! Maybe it got erased when I formatted the card from within the digital camera ? I will avoid doing that in the future, then !

HOWEVER, the problem is still there !
Yes, instead of calling the memory card "GENERIC STORAGE DEVICE", it now calls it: "GENERIC STORAGE DEVICE: CAMERA 64MB" !
However as you can see from the attached screenshot, this is only true for the "computer" location, and the the label does show properly in the "Places" location, be it when viewed from the gnome panel, or from the Nautilus side bar.
The screenshot alsoi shows a new bug: in the computer location Nautilus shows TWO icons for the same memory card ! :-/ I guess I will have to file a new bug report for that problem.... :-(

I attached a new "lshal" file. The interesting bit/section starts around
line 810. Just search for the word "camera" and you will find it easily.

** Attachment added: "new hal output"

[Dapper] Regression: improper icon label for usb storage devices

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