[Bug 44710] Re: raise_on_click is disabled in 'click_to_focus' mode

Elijah newren at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 21:20:32 UTC 2006

Just change this function (in metacity/src/prefs.c):

meta_prefs_get_raise_on_click (void)
  /* Force raise_on_click on for click-to-focus, as requested by Havoc
   * in #326156.
  return raise_on_click || focus_mode == META_FOCUS_MODE_CLICK;

so that the function just returns the value of raise_on_click.  Given
that Debian/Ubuntu used to have such a feature and it was enabled for
click-to-focus as well, I think that makes the most sense.

raise_on_click is disabled in 'click_to_focus' mode

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