[Bug 48481] Re: shares-admin does not work with double shares

LordFarquaad l.farquaad at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 20:00:53 UTC 2006

Sorry for my bad English (I am French-speaking) which is probably at the
origin of this confusion.

I use Ubuntu Dapper (kernel 2.6.15-26-k7) and I think I already upgraded
to Dapper at the time of that bug report.

I use shares-admin on my PC to manage the shared folders on both NFS and
SMB as my laptop is also under Ubuntu but the computer of my father is
under Windows, and I want to share the same forlders on both networks.

But now that everything is configured, if I want to modify the
configuration of any shared forlder, I can only do it for the SMB
network and not for NFS, as even by selecting the NFS entry and clicking
on "Properties" it gives me the properties of the SMB entry - and
selecting "NFS" shows an empty NFS configuration.

In fact it is effectively dependant of the order, as adding a new SMB
for a folder already shared on NFS and then trying to configure the new
one makes it fall down to NFS - but as shares-admin seems to load the
SMB config first, It will be the opposite next time.

However I can all the same add or remove shared folders without any

I could not try to reproduce this bug on another computer (my laptop is
currently in repair...)

shares-admin does not work with double shares

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