[Bug 43052] Re: OpenGL viewport cut-off with 915gm graphics

Gilles Schintgen gilles at vonet.lu
Thu Sep 7 18:25:24 UTC 2006

I'm also having OpenGL problems with my 915GM graphics (Thinkpad Z60m).
The symptoms are as reported: viewport cut-off in various apps, in
google earth: wrong viewport and messed up graphics.

So I decided to give the compiz repository a try. First I only updated
the i810 driver, logged out, restarted X, logged in again. Unfortunately
acceleration was now broken (as reported by googleearth).

I thought that maybe this driver depended on newer mesa-libs, so I did a full update in adept. Now OpenGL is completely broken. glxgears fails with:
$ glxgears
glxgears: intel_ioctl.c:62: intelEmitIrqLocked: Assertion `((*(int *)intel->driHwLock) & ~0x40000000U) == (0x80000000U|intel->hHWContext)' failed.

Google Earth gives the following error message:
do_wait: drmWaitVBlank returned -1, IRQs don't seem to be working correctly.
(and it's *extremely* slow, much slower than with software rendering)

Rebooting doesn't help.

Here's the complete list of updated packages:
xserver-xorg-driver-i810 1:
libdrm2 2.0.2+cvs20060824
libgl1-mesa 6.5.1+cvs20060824
libgl1-mesa-dri 6.5.1+cvs20060824
libglu1-mesa 6.5.1+cvs20060824
libpoppler1 0.5.3-0ubuntu1
libpoppler1-qt 0.5.3-0ubuntu1
libtunepimp2c2a 0.3.0-9.1ubuntu3.1quinn1
libxfixes3 1:4.0-0ubuntu1
libxcomposite1 1:0.3-0ubuntu1
libxss1 1:1.1-0ubuntu1
mesa-utils 6.5.1+cvs20060824
poppler-utils 0.5.3-0ubuntu1

OpenGL viewport cut-off with 915gm graphics

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