[Bug 47548] Re: german "umlaute" aren't shown correctly

Dennis Schäfers linux at ds.core-group.de
Tue Sep 5 19:26:30 UTC 2006

all german "umlaute" in my contact list aren't shown correctly (ü = ü
etc.). when I change them with the "alias..." option (on right click in
the contact list) to correct ü to ü manually, the "umlaute" ä ö ü are
shown correctly. When I close Gaim and start it again the "umlaute" are
broken again. Writing people (which are using icq software on windows) ä
ö ü-"umlaute" in instant massenges, is working correct for me.

- I'm using Gaim2beta3.1 on Ubuntu Edgy 
- I'm using gaim with the icq protocol
- I use the same .gaim directory from previous gaim versions (cause I use the same /home till dapper)

Something wrong between the sync./encoding between the icq server (who
stores the contact list) and gaim? I don't know!

german "umlaute" aren't shown correctly

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