[Bug 15167] LPR does not work with some printers

Rolf Paloheimo rolf at healthyhousesystem.com
Mon Sep 4 21:42:08 UTC 2006

Public bug reported:

I set up a Apple Laswerwriter 16/600 as a unix printer by IP address .  It works
well with most gnome apps and OO.o, but firefox, xpdf and printing from the
command line do not work, no queue is initiated.  From the command line it
generated an error "lpr: error - scheduler not responding!".

I then tried installing gtklp.  Using gtklp -D (debug mode) generated:


$ gtklp -D instructions.ps
Files to print:
No Servername given, searching...
ServerName: localhost
Try to connect...
Username is set to: rolf
Search for Confdir.
No conffile given at command-line !
Getting Defaults: 2
Trying to open /home/rolf/.gtklp/gtklprc
Can't find users globalrc-file !
Trying to open /etc/gtklp/gtklprc
Can't find global globalrc-file !
Number of Printers: 1
Name: LaserWriter-16/600 - (NULL) (0)
Job-Sheets-Default for LaserWriter-16/600
  Start: none
  Stop: none
Info: LaserWriter-16/600
No Default Printer yet, using LaserWriter-16/600
Default-Printer(2): LaserWriter-16/600
Getting Defaults: -1
Getting Defaults for LaserWriter-16/600
Trying to open /home/rolf/.gtklp/LaserWriter-16\600
Can't open users rc-file !
Trying to open /etc/gtklp/LaserWriter-16\600
Can't open global rc-file !
Try to get printer: LaserWriter-16/600
ERROR: Dest unknown (1) !
An Programm-Error occured !
Try it again, if the problem persists,
please ask your Administrator, or if this is you, try DEBUG-Mode !
If you have can`t find whats wrong, mail me at
gtklp at sirtobi.com


On a hunch I redefined a new printer, using the same printer but calling it an
Apple 630, (essentially the same model but newer).  All of a sudden it all works.

** Affects: gnome-cups-manager (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Medium
         Status: Needs Info

LPR does not work with some printers

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