[Bug 61381] Re: gnome-settings-daemon crashes at login

Vincent Jestin mazargman at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 13:53:02 UTC 2006

I have this bug too. The behaviour is like markba's one. So I don't know
where I can find logs about the error reported in the message box. Can
experienced users guide me to find more informations?

scole evoked dbus: I found the error message (Did not receive a
reply...) in a dbus source code file (dbus-pending-call.c) when I
googled for this bug.

Last thing: when the gnome session finally starts (after few minutes and
showing the message box), I get a fully working desktop but the default
edgy gtk theme has not been loaded. Then if I start the theme app, the
default edgy theme is loaded (I mean, beautifull rounded buttons, menus
highlights, ...)

Help me to help you! ;-)

gnome-settings-daemon crashes at login

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