[Bug 66461] Re: edgy: places->network servers error

Emmanuel Touzery emmanuel.touzery at free.fr
Mon Oct 30 11:55:53 UTC 2006

I don't think this patch will fix my problem of not being able to open my FTP servers with passwords from the gnome-panel...
All that was fixed is another (related) problem of unclear error message on "gnome-open ftp-site-with-password".

When you upload packages to edgy which should fix this i can 100% say
that the bug that I reported is not fixed. But right now i really can't
see how it could be fixed...

to restate my problem:
in dapper, places-><name of my FTP server>, GNOME asks my keyring password, nautilus opens my FTP server with password.

in edgy, exact same settings (dist-upgrade), places-><name of my FTP
server>, error message.

I don't think upstream released a fix to this bug :-/

edgy: places->network servers error

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