[Bug 68950] Re: screensaver starts first time but not after

nyarla33 mr.somewhere at yahoo.fr
Sun Oct 29 10:50:31 UTC 2006

** Description changed:

  Binary package hint: gnome-screensaver
  In gnome-screensaver-preferences I set the screensaver to start after 6 minutes.
  In gnome-power-preferences I set the display to sleep after 20 minutes.
  Everything is normal at first: 
  - after 6 minutes, screensaver starts.
  - after 20 minutes, display sleeps.
  After that, I move the mouse or press a key. Display comes back.
  But after 6 minutes (if I do nothing),screensaver doesn't start, display
  directly sleeps.
  If I press Ctrl-Alt-L, I get the same behaviour.
  Using Edgy.
+ Actually I can't reproduce this behaviour anymore. Maybe there are other things that I forgot and that cause this behaviour to happen. If or when I find out I will post a new comment. Till then forget about this bug report.

screensaver starts first time but not after

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