[Bug 66962] Re: Crash recovery loads twice the number of browser instances which originally crashed

Bernat Tallaferro bernat.tallaferro at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 17:38:13 UTC 2006

> What version of Ubuntu do you use?
* I'm using Edgy.

> How do you make it crash "just before leaving your session"? What do you call "just before"? 1 second? 10 seconds? 1min?
* I do not make it crash deliberately. I notice that epihany has crashed in either of the two following ways:
a) when starting a new session and the desktop has been loaded, the crash recovery dialog appears, asking me if I want to recover the previous browser windows. So I assume that epiphany crashed on the previous session (I might be wrong here).
b) when the session is ending (i.e. after having presed the Quit>Shutdown button all windows closing, etc.), I see a dialog : "the application epiphany has crashed unexpectedly", which appears very briefly just before showing the logout usplash.

This does not happen always, but I've noticed that it happens more
frequently when I've got many application windows open in several
workspaces before logging out.

> Do you save your session automatically on logout?
* Yes.

> Is epiphany listed by ~/.gnome2/session then?
These are the current contents of my ~/.gnome2/session file regarding epiphany (I had a couple of epiphany instances running when leaving my last session IIRC, but they did not crash):

6,DiscardCommand=rm -f /home/dpm/.gnome2/epiphany/session_gnome-16tOrV.xml 
6,CloneCommand=epiphany --sm-config-prefix /epiphany-ws1GYJ/ 
6,RestartCommand=epiphany --sm-config-prefix /epiphany-ws1GYJ/ --sm-client-id 117f000001000116101674400000051310004 --screen 0 

Crash recovery loads twice the number of browser instances which originally crashed

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