[Bug 66810] Likes to crash shortly after startup

Juergen Kreileder jk at blackdown.de
Wed Oct 18 20:12:18 UTC 2006

Public bug reported:

Package: rhythmbox
Version: 0.9.6-0ubuntu4
Severity: important

Rhythmbox, more often than not, crashes a few seconds after startup.
Sometimes it takes more than ten starts of rhythmbox until it manages
to play a song without crashing.  (If it manages to stay up for more
than a minute than it usally works for hours without problems).

All crashes I saw under gdb had this stacktrace:

#0  gnome_vfs_uri_unref (uri=0xf440d368) at gnome-vfs-uri.c:1026
        p = (GnomeVFSURI *) 0xf440d368
        parent = (GnomeVFSURI *) 0xc8
        __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ = "gnome_vfs_uri_unref"
#1  0x0ea2baac in _gnome_vfs_job_destroy_notify_result (notify_result=0xf4366458) at gnome-vfs-job.c:335
        __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ = "_gnome_vfs_job_destroy_notify_result"
#2  0x0ea2d558 in dispatch_job_callback (data=<value optimized out>) at gnome-vfs-job.c:535
        notify_result = (GnomeVFSNotifyResult *) 0xf4366458
        job = <value optimized out>
        valid = 1
        cancelled = 0
        __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ = "dispatch_job_callback"
#3  0x0e467d7c in g_idle_dispatch (source=<value optimized out>, callback=0xf440d5ef, user_data=0xf440d368) at gmain.c:3926
No locals.
#4  0x0e46a5f4 in IA__g_main_context_dispatch (context=0x101d9a40) at gmain.c:2045
No locals.
#5  0x0e46e2f8 in g_main_context_iterate (context=0x101d9a40, block=1, dispatch=1, self=<value optimized out>) at gmain.c:2677
        max_priority = 200
        timeout = 0
        some_ready = 1
        nfds = <value optimized out>
        allocated_nfds = <value optimized out>
        fds = (GPollFD *) 0x1088cd88
        __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ = "g_main_context_iterate"
#6  0x0e46e764 in IA__g_main_loop_run (loop=0x1035b738) at gmain.c:2881
        got_ownership = 261345648
        self = (GThread *) 0x1013e890
        __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ = "IA__g_main_loop_run"
#7  0x0f0d26d4 in IA__gtk_main () at gtkmain.c:1024
        tmp_list = (GList *) 0x1
        functions = (GList *) 0x0
        init = (GtkInitFunction *) 0x100dbc28
        loop = (GMainLoop *) 0x1035b738
#8  0x10021090 in main (argc=1, argv=0xffdc07d4) at main.c:381
        program = (GnomeProgram *) 0x1013f428
        session_bus = (DBusGConnection *) 0x101f79fc
        error = (GError *) 0x0
        rb_shell = <value optimized out>
        new_argv = (char **) 0x10129eb8
        context = <value optimized out>
        __FUNCTION__ = "main"
        options = {{long_name = 0x100dbd24 "debug", short_name = 100 'd', flags = 0, arg = G_OPTION_ARG_NONE, arg_data = 0x1011c0b4, description = 0x100dbd2c "Enable debug output", arg_description = 0x0}, {long_name = 0x100dbd40 "debug-match", 
    short_name = 68 'D', flags = 0, arg = G_OPTION_ARG_STRING, arg_data = 0x1011c0b8, description = 0x100dbd4c "Enable debug output matching a specified string", arg_description = 0x0}, {long_name = 0x100dbd7c "no-update", short_name = 0 '\0', flags = 0, 
    arg = G_OPTION_ARG_NONE, arg_data = 0x1011c0c4, description = 0x100dbd88 "Do not update the library with file changes", arg_description = 0x0}, {long_name = 0x100dbdb4 "no-registration", short_name = 110 'n', flags = 0, arg = G_OPTION_ARG_NONE, 
    arg_data = 0x1011c0bc, description = 0x100dbdc4 "Do not register the shell", arg_description = 0x0}, {long_name = 0x100dbde0 "dry-run", short_name = 0 '\0', flags = 0, arg = G_OPTION_ARG_NONE, arg_data = 0x1011c0c8, 
    description = 0x100dbde8 "Don't save any data permanently (implies --no-registration)", arg_description = 0x0}, {long_name = 0x100dbe24 "rhythmdb-file", short_name = 0 '\0', flags = 0, arg = G_OPTION_ARG_STRING, arg_data = 0x1011c0cc, 
    description = 0x100dbe34 "Path for database file to use", arg_description = 0x0}, {long_name = 0x100dbe54 "playlists-file", short_name = 0 '\0', flags = 0, arg = G_OPTION_ARG_STRING, arg_data = 0x1011c0d0, 
    description = 0x100dbe64 "Path for playlists file to use", arg_description = 0x0}, {long_name = 0x100de5fc "quit", short_name = 113 'q', flags = 0, arg = G_OPTION_ARG_NONE, arg_data = 0x1011c0c0, description = 0x100dbe84 "Quit Rhythmbox", 
    arg_description = 0x0}, {long_name = 0x100fc7f4 "", short_name = 0 '\0', flags = 0, arg = G_OPTION_ARG_STRING_ARRAY, arg_data = 0x1011c0d4, description = 0x0, arg_description = 0x100db944 "[URI...]"}, {long_name = 0x0, short_name = 0 '\0', flags = 0, 
    arg = G_OPTION_ARG_NONE, arg_data = 0x0, description = 0x0, arg_description = 0x0}}

-- System Information:
Debian Release: testing/unstable
  APT prefers edgy-updates
  APT policy: (500, 'edgy-updates'), (500, 'edgy-security'), (500, 'edgy-proposed'), (500, 'edgy-backports'), (500, 'edgy')
Architecture: powerpc (ppc64)
Shell:  /bin/sh linked to /bin/bash
Kernel: Linux 2.6.18
Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)

Versions of packages rhythmbox depends on:
ii  dbus                0.93-0ubuntu2        simple interprocess messaging syst
ii  gconf2              2.16.0-0ubuntu1      GNOME configuration database syste
ii  gstreamer0.10-alsa  0.10.10-1ubuntu1     GStreamer plugin for ALSA
ii  gstreamer0.10-esd [ 0.10.4-0ubuntu3      GStreamer plugin for ESD
ii  gstreamer0.10-gnome 0.10.10-1ubuntu1     GStreamer plugin for GnomeVFS
ii  gstreamer0.10-plugi 0.10.10-1ubuntu1     GStreamer plugins from the "base" 
ii  gstreamer0.10-plugi 0.10.4-0ubuntu3      GStreamer plugins from the "good" 
ii  libart-2.0-2        2.3.17-1             Library of functions for 2D graphi
ii  libatk1.0-0         1.12.3-0ubuntu1      The ATK accessibility toolkit
ii  libaudiofile0       0.2.6-6ubuntu1       Open-source version of SGI's audio
ii  libavahi-client3    0.6.13-2ubuntu2      Avahi client library
ii  libavahi-common3    0.6.13-2ubuntu2      Avahi common library
ii  libavahi-glib1      0.6.13-2ubuntu2      Avahi glib integration library
ii  libbonobo2-0        2.16.0-0ubuntu1      Bonobo CORBA interfaces library
ii  libbonoboui2-0      2.16.0-0ubuntu1      The Bonobo UI library
ii  libc6               2.4-1ubuntu12        GNU C Library: Shared libraries
ii  libcairo2           1.2.4-1ubuntu2       The Cairo 2D vector graphics libra
ii  libdbus-1-3         0.93-0ubuntu2        simple interprocess messaging syst
ii  libdbus-glib-1-2    0.71-1ubuntu1        simple interprocess messaging syst
ii  libesd-alsa0 [libes 0.2.36-3ubuntu3      Enlightened Sound Daemon (ALSA) - 
ii  libexpat1           1.95.8-3.2           XML parsing C library - runtime li
ii  libfontconfig1      2.3.2-7ubuntu2       generic font configuration library
ii  libfreetype6        2.2.1-5              FreeType 2 font engine, shared lib
ii  libgconf2-4         2.16.0-0ubuntu1      GNOME configuration database syste
ii  libgcrypt11         1.2.2-2              LGPL Crypto library - runtime libr
ii  libglade2-0         1:2.6.0-1ubuntu2     library to load .glade files at ru
ii  libglib2.0-0        2.12.4-0ubuntu1      The GLib library of C routines
ii  libgnome-keyring0   0.6.0-0ubuntu2       GNOME keyring services library
ii  libgnome-media0     2.16.1-0ubuntu2      runtime libraries for the GNOME me
ii  libgnome2-0         2.16.0-0ubuntu1      The GNOME 2 library - runtime file
ii  libgnomecanvas2-0   2.14.0-3ubuntu1      A powerful object-oriented display
ii  libgnomeui-0        2.16.1-0ubuntu2      The GNOME 2 libraries (User Interf
ii  libgnomevfs2-0      2.16.1-0ubuntu2      GNOME virtual file-system (runtime
ii  libgnutls13         1.4.0-3ubuntu1       the GNU TLS library - runtime libr
ii  libgpg-error0       1.2-1                library for common error values an
ii  libgpod0            0.3.2-1.1ubuntu1     a library to read and write songs 
ii  libgstreamer0.10-0  0.10.10-1ubuntu2     Core GStreamer libraries and eleme
ii  libgtk2.0-0         2.10.6-0ubuntu1      The GTK+ graphical user interface 
ii  libhal1       Hardware Abstraction Layer - share
ii  libice6             2:1.0.1-1ubuntu1     X11 Inter-Client Exchange library
ii  libjpeg62           6b-13                The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG 
ii  liblaunchpad-integr              library for launchpad integration
ii  liblircclient0      0.8.0-5ubuntu1       LIRC client library
ii  libmusicbrainz4c2a  2.1.2-6ubuntu2       Second generation incarnation of t
ii  libnautilus-burn4   2.16.1-0ubuntu1      Nautilus Burn Library - runtime ve
ii  libnotify1          0.4.2-0ubuntu3       sends desktop notifications to a n
ii  liborbit2           1:2.14.3-0ubuntu2    libraries for ORBit2 - a CORBA ORB
ii  libpango1.0-0       1.14.5-0ubuntu1      Layout and rendering of internatio
ii  libpng12-0          1.2.8rel-5.1         PNG library - runtime
ii  libpopt0            1.10-2               lib for parsing cmdline parameters
ii  libselinux1         1.30-1ubuntu1        SELinux shared libraries
ii  libsexy2            0.1.10-0ubuntu2      collection of additional GTK+ widg
ii  libsm6              2:1.0.1-1ubuntu1     X11 Session Management library
ii  libsoup2.2-8        2.2.96-0ubuntu2      an HTTP library implementation in 
ii  libtasn1-3          0.3.5-1              Manage ASN.1 structures (runtime)
ii  libtotem-plparser1  2.16.2-0ubuntu1      Totem Playlist Parser library - ru
ii  libx11-6            2:1.0.3-0ubuntu3     X11 client-side library
ii  libxcursor1         1.1.7-0ubuntu1       X cursor management library
ii  libxext6            2:1.0.1-1ubuntu1     X11 miscellaneous extension librar
ii  libxfixes3          1:4.0.1-0ubuntu1     X11 miscellaneous 'fixes' extensio
ii  libxi6              2:1.0.1-0ubuntu1     X11 Input extension library
ii  libxinerama1        2:1.0.1-4build1      X11 Xinerama extension library
ii  libxml2             2.6.26.dfsg-2ubuntu4 GNOME XML library
ii  libxrandr2          2:1.1.1-0ubuntu1     X11 RandR extension library
ii  libxrender1         1:0.9.1-0ubuntu1     X Rendering Extension client libra
ii  python2.4           2.4.4~c1-0ubuntu1    An interactive high-level object-o
ii  zlib1g              1:1.2.3-13ubuntu2    compression library - runtime

Versions of packages rhythmbox recommends:
ii  avahi-daemon            0.6.13-2ubuntu2  Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD daemon
ii  gstreamer0.10-plugins-u 0.10.4-0ubuntu3  GStreamer plugins from the "ugly" 
ii  scrollkeeper            0.3.14-11ubuntu6 A free electronic cataloging syste
ii  sound-juicer            2.16.1-0ubuntu1  GNOME 2 CD Ripper
ii  yelp                    2.16.1-0ubuntu3  Help browser for GNOME 2

-- no debconf information

** Affects: rhythmbox (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: Unconfirmed

Likes to crash shortly after startup

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