[Bug 66379] Re: evince does not enable print

iroli roland.lezuo at chello.at
Wed Oct 18 11:12:59 UTC 2006

Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> the dbus issue is probably different of the printing one. Does it get
> fixed if you restart your session or reboot? For the printing, does
> gnome-cups-manager works fine? Is cupsys running? Did you change your
> configuration to limit the access to clients or something?

restarting the computer did not help.
gnome-cups-manager is able to print a testpage.
(i think you mean access limitation for cups, no and even if, printing 
is possible, evince and yelp and probably all applications using this 
dialog won't print...)

roland lezuo

evince does not enable print 

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