[Bug 65971] Re: Gnome 2.16 crashes after loading some apps

Aimeri Baddouh aimeri at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 17:38:08 UTC 2006

Well, just thought I could give an update on this, cuz the most strange thing happened while I was installing ubuntu-desktop: I started the process using sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop using the first shell ctrl+alt+f1 (i don't like to do huge upgrades using any graphical interface...)
Everithing went fine and when the instalation was done I restarted the pc and choosed gnome as the desktop under kdm. When the gui was loaded, for my surprise I had a pure not modified gnome 2.16, without any ubunto modification. That's really odd. Whel, I went to  synaptic to get the rest of ubuntu stuff. As soon as the package manager finish the updates I will give another update in the situation.
By the way everything was working fine so far... no gui restarting. lets see after the updates.

Gnome 2.16 crashes after loading some apps

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