[Bug 64838] Re: no battery/lid reported on ASUSTeK M6Ne

Alessandro Colaci alessandro.colaci at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 10:53:06 UTC 2006

Luka Renko wrote:
> Yes, it looks like HAL bug, as kernel does seem to report properly in /proc/acpi the battery and lid, but they do not get listed in HAL.
> Changing package to hal.
I forgot to say that, before that update, don't remember exactly the 
date, but I suppose untill september the 7th or 8th, KDE power manager 
worked almost well, except for the setting of screen brightness (when 
KDE started it set brightness to 60-70% even when AC was plugged). So I 
suppose HAL worked well with my laptop, since I could suspend it by lid 
closing; is it possible a regression of HAL? When was it updated the 
last time? Could it be still probable a regression of power-manager?

no battery/lid reported on ASUSTeK M6Ne

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