[Bug 40795] Re: cannot create printers in live system

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Mon Oct 9 16:59:49 UTC 2006


Sebastian [2006-10-09 15:45 -0000]:
> It's fine to hear the issue is worked on and is fixed in current
> state of Edgy already, however the initial bug report was filed for
> DAPPER and since DAPPER is A long term support release, I would like
> to get this fixed in DAPPER TOO!  So it doesn't help very much
> saying it's fixed in Edgy, since some of us have good reasons not to
> change to Edgy but say with the LTS Dapper and want to see this
> issue will be fixed for the current stable version of Ubuntu (which
> is actually Dapper NOT Edgy) too.  Thank you for your understanding.

Right, but it only affects Dapper's live system. Once it is installed,
it works fine. We cannot fix the live system with a simple -updates
upload, that would require a point release and pressing new CDs, which
is not planned ATM. On the other hand, it has *not* been decided to
*not* do another point release, either. :)


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cannot create printers in live system

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