[Bug 59815] Re: Duplicate language entries in menu when playing dvds

Holger Bauer umarmung at planet.ms
Mon Oct 2 08:56:33 UTC 2006

I tested it with gmplayer now. Mplayer gives a bit more information,
e.g. german - dolbie 5.1, german - dolbie 5.1 stereo. However it named
two different entries the same too. (Tracks that featured comments from
two different people.) So mplayer is slightly better, but not perfect.

And yes I consider this a bug. Why are the entries named the same when they mean different things. Why do I need to guess, when I want english language with director's comments etc. 
I'm curious: Do you think this is not a bug?

Maybe totem could show only the sound entry that matches
preferences->audio? For example, when I set audio to stereo, then show
only "language dolbie stereo" and hide "language dolbie 5.1".

It should also show that one track has original audio and one has
comments etc. Or is it not possible to read this information from dvd?

Duplicate language entries in menu when playing dvds

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