[Bug 60051] Re: Evolution freezes on close.

Dave Brady matter.grey at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 08:28:30 UTC 2006

Sorry, one more update on this bug.  I've discovered the source of this
bug.  It's a specific set of emails in my inbox.  Specifically, the
emails I get from the NCIX mailing list.  If you want to see the bug for
yourself, I can forward you an email, or you can subscribe to the list
yourself at www.ncix.com.

What happens when you get an email from the list is that the preview
pane for the email locks to that email when you view it.  You can view
other emails by double clicking, but the NCIX email is all that will
show up in the preview pane.  When you close the program, it doesn't

I am thinking that separate threads are used for each pane, and the pane
that is showing the NCIX email is freezing.  Since the other panes are
waiting for that thread to be closed when you attempt to close the
program, it just locks up.

The problem does NOT occur when viewing a different email, which leads
me to believe that this is a bug in the XML parser.

Evolution freezes on close.

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