[Bug 41772] Re: MIME misdetection makes file unopenable

Martin-Éric Racine q-funk at iki.fi
Tue Nov 28 16:06:17 UTC 2006

Debian package 0.14.2-1 fixes this.

planner (0.14.2-1) unstable; urgency=low

 * New upstream release:
   - GNOME bug #353213: added #ifdefs to build against libgda 1 or 2.
     - GNOME bug #353232: fix Nautilus behavior on a Planner file.
     - GNOME bug #358415: fix crash in Gantt view.
     - GNOME bug #368186: paint guide lines behind project start date.
     - Added -Wno-return-type for compiling with database support.
     - Added Arabic localisation.
   * Dropping 0.14.1-0ubuntu1 patches (replaced by upstream #ifdefs).

Awaiting today's dinstall run to request a sync.

MIME misdetection makes file unopenable

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