[Bug 66355] Re: gpilotd locks up my Palm Z22

Kolja Glogowski kolja at pixie.de
Fri Nov 24 18:56:29 UTC 2006

Hi Phil,

if you are still having problems you should give libusb a try. This is
quite easy to configure and solved the problem for my m505.

For Edgy you can perform the following steps:

1. Make sure libusb is installed (apt-get install libusb-0.1-4).

2. Change the device via gpilotd-control-applet from "/dev/pilot" to
"usb:". Now remove the gpilot-applet from the panel and killall gpilotd.

3. Remove the visor kernel module (rmmod visor) and put it on the
blacklist by creating the file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-palm containing
"blacklist visor" (without quotation marks).

4. Finally you need to install the udev rule for libusb by
  ln -s /usr/share/pilot-link/udev/60-libpisock.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/

Now add gpilot-applet to the panel again and your Palm should
synchronize without hanging.

gpilotd locks up my Palm Z22

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