[Bug 70082] Re: xorg crashes while opening text file in gedit

archis launchpad.roncero at dfgh.net
Mon Nov 13 17:14:49 UTC 2006

Yes I am using the nvidia driver and hurray no more crashes after the
recent updates. However, I still notice that the first line of the
extremely long lines in the Core Dump section of the crash report (i.e.
the line right after where it says "CoreDump: base 64") is still garbled
using gedit. This actually happened previously as well, just before the
X server went down. Can anybody reproduce this ? -- Try with the crash
report I attached to a previous post.

Oh, and gedit does slow down to a crawl when opening this large file
(about 6 MB) with its very long lines -- the scroll bar becomes very
unresponsive. Just saying.

xorg crashes while opening text file in gedit

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