[Bug 70143] Re: List view broken

Kevin Havener kevin.havener at afccc.af.mil
Mon Nov 6 18:30:25 UTC 2006

I guess I should have been clearer.  Edgy upgraded from Dapper.  The
original jumping off point was the default Dapper desktop which was
upgraded to Edgy.

I'll attach my screenshot first.  Steps I used to get it.  1) open xterm
so I can see .xsession-errors.  Double-click on Computer icon to open
nautilus window.  Double-click on filesystem icon, opening another
nautilus window.   Go back to computer window.   Change view from icon
to list and nothing shows up.  Compare the two windows.  Only the view
has been changed between them.

I'll attach my xsession-errors next since I can only attach one thing at
a time and I'm not sure you can see the text well enough in the

** Attachment added: "Screenshot of problem"

List view broken

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