[Bug 70129] Re: Usability problems

Sami Pietila sampie at ariana-dsl.utu.fi
Sat Nov 4 00:14:01 UTC 2006

Thanks for the comments.

Unfortunately, my problem still remains.

Let me clarify the case. As long as I have used instant messaging
(almost a decade now), I have written and edited (like in a text editor)
my messages, and then pressed the send button to send the messages. It
is easy to use and easy to understand (perfect email metaphor).

Now it seems this elegant way of using messaging is gone. Now I have
more empty tool panel, because the button is missing. I would gladly
give up the empty space to have the button back. Of cource, the send
button is still on the menu. But using menu for a common task is just
not feasible.

My choices seem to be to change the messager (at least some messagers
still support my use-case) or get used to the "ENTER-sends" way of
sending the messages.

It seems to me that gaim has lost more than it has gained by this new
design. At least in terms of usability.

Usability problems

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