[Bug 40701] Re: creating a folder to computer not permitted but folder listed anyway

Rouben rouben at rouben.net
Wed Nov 1 03:48:36 UTC 2006

Just a note that I was able to confirm this bug on Ubuntu Edgy (6.10)
with the most current updates installed as of today (2006-10-31).

Also note that the folder is not being actually created, because when
you navigate away from the "My Computer" screen, or refresh the view,
the "untitled folder" icon goes away. This seems to indicate that
nautilus uses a potentially flawed algorithm when creating

1. Draw icon and caption underneath the icon.
2. Read object associated with icon and determine the right icon to display (it fails here, since the folder doesn't actually exist, and therefore displays the generic "sheet of paper" icon).

At the very least there should be a step zero here that checks for a
successful completion of the requested action (create folder/file) and
only if the action was successful, should the system draw the icon and
its caption.

A less efficient (depending on design) way to solve this problem would
be to introduce a "doublecheck" for the existence of the item for which
the icon is being drawn, or rather attempt creating the object (the
actual file/folder), then cause the target window to recheck the
contents of that folder (I don't think a full reload is necessary for

creating a folder to computer not permitted but folder listed anyway

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