[Bug 34951] nautilus-cd-burner does not work: crashes and reports bad avaliable dvd space

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 29 12:48:27 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Task: ubuntu nautilus-cd-burner
         Status: Needs Info => Confirmed

There is a similar bug upstream about the message not beeing clear: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=332615
I've mentionned that bug and your comment on it

A bug can track only one issue correctly, please open different bugs for the other points if you think they are some issues too. The speed seems to be correct, hal log list "storage.cdrom.write_speeds = {'4234', '2822', '1411', '706'} (string list)", what other value are you expecting for it?

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