[Bug 19390] sometimes mounts both raw device and partition

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Mon Mar 27 15:46:55 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Task: ubuntu hal
         Status: Fix Released => Confirmed

I had to revert that patch since it causes regressions. A clean solution is discussed upstream at the moment.

 hal (0.5.7-1ubuntu9) dapper; urgency=low
   * Disable debian/patches/01_probe_parttable.patch, it causes regressions
     (like CD-ROMs detected as fsusage='partitiontable'). This reopens bug
     #19390, but that one is much less evil.
   * debian/hal-device-manager.desktop:
     - Add X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain.
     - Update the German translation to match the changed C one from
   * Add debian/hal-device-manager.desktop.in: Reduced h-d-m desktop file with
     just _Name and _Comment to add these msgids to the POT.
   * Add debian/patches/desktop-POTFILES.patch: Add debian/h-d-m.desktop.in to
   * Add debian/patches/10-hdm-nice-keyvalues.patch:
     - Beautify the display of list values: do not show a Python unicode prefix
       (u'foo') and Python list notation ([...]).
     - Closes: LP#35935
   * Rename system user 'hal' to 'haldaemon' to be compatible with upstream
     default (and the documentation in the web) and to avoid name conflicts
     with user accounts for people whose name is 'Hal'.
     - debian/rules: Drop --with-hal-{user,group}
     - debian/hal.postinst, debian/hal.init.dbus: Change user name accordingly.
     - Closes: LP#11957
   * debian/hal.default: Remove the comments about hal running as user/root,
     since this cannot be changed any more.

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