[Bug 32457] Screensaver activates while playing a game

Dana Olson dana at ubuntustudio.com
Sat Mar 25 16:06:32 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Loic, all the games I tested that activated the screensaver while playing were SDL games that used the keyboard only. Some of them would prevent the screensaver from coming on if you moved the mouse, but not all of them. (moving the mouse in games that do not require it is not any more of a solution than moving the mouse every 9 minutes while watching a movie).

I no longer have the time to file bugs on every single game as I thought I would, but because the ones I did test were all using SDL, I think the better option is indeed to file this single bug under SDL, and add something to the keyboard handler routine or so.

Note that this would also have the benefit of fixing commercial games (which are NOT going to be fixed by having their own bugs opened in this bug tracker) such as Professor Fizzwizzle, which is also on the list of games that use SDL and do not use the mouse and do not prevent the screensaver from activating.

Reporting bugs on 25-30 games individually is going to substantially increase open bug reports, email traffic, and the Ubuntu-debian delta. I think we ought to take the efficient route. Getting one patch for SDL accepted upstream will likely be much easier than 25-30 different games. And commercial games on top of that.

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