[Bug 36046] I think kde interfere with gnome and other things (theme).

VincentRC vreneco1 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 22 19:01:13 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Description changed to:
    Hi everybody,

    I think that several bug reports that I have written are linked.

    1- Which bug reports (two) :

    First :


    "Ubuntu-desktop and Kubuntu-desktop are installed on my computer

    When I am logged in gnome, the following actions in the "shortcut"
    menu launch konqueror instead of nautilus :

    - click to open one of my partitions (only the partitions, not the
    "computer" icon for example).

    - click on the "desktop" icon to open it."

    Second :


    From the second bug report, you can just read this :

    [...] "I know that many people told you that the new theme in Dapper
    was too orange and maybe ugly. But you must keep in mind that this
    is not everybody's feeling about that.

    Personnaly, I didn't just like the new human theme (brown windows,
    orange when flying upon buttons and menus and orange folders), I
    LOVED IT SO MUCH ! It was a very good idea.It was very different
    than what we are used to see. And I find the one you replaced it
    with is ugly (orange folders with blue menus are really not good
    together)." [...]

    2- So, what you have to keep in mind before reading the bug report
    is my system configuration :

    _ ubuntu-destop
    _ kubuntu-destop
    _ complete human theme selected in gnome

    Several days after I had written this bug report (bug/35179), I was thinking that it was strange that ubuntu's guys would choose blue menus (when the mouse is moving in menus).
    So I downloaded the ubuntu livecd to compare.

    When I select the (complete) human theme in the livecd and on the
    system installed on my computer, it is not the same.

    On the livecd :
    - Brown windows
    - Orange icons
    - Orange menus and controls

    On my hard drive :
    - Brown windows
    - Orange icons
    - BLUE menus and controls

    One more important thing I was going to forget is that whatever the
    theme I choose (in gnome) on the system installed on my hard drive,
    menus and controls remain BLUE !

    When you add the bug I had reported about konqueror that launches
    instead of nautilus, it makes me think that kde definitely interfere
    with gnome.

    I'd like to join a screenshot, but I don't know how to join it in
    Launchpad. If you want it, I can send it by e-mail.


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