[Bug 34510] there should be no screensaver on the liveCD

Colin Watson cjwatson at canonical.com
Wed Mar 22 11:13:42 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Task: ubuntu espresso-frontend-gtk
       Assignee: (unassigned) => Colin Watson
         Status: Needs Info => Fix Released

espresso (0.99.32) dapper; urgency=low

  [ Tollef Fog Heen ]
  * Change dependency on espresso-keyboard-setup to espresso-kbd-chooser,
    since that component moved to another package with a lower version
    number and we don't like epochs.
  * Make the keyboard selector work somewhat sanely -- call back to
    kbd-chooser when the selection is changed.
  * Fix choices_display_map to work correctly and map to the other value
    instead of being an identity map.

  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Update Portuguese translation from Rosetta.
  * GTK frontend:
    - Prevent gnome-screensaver from kicking in while Espresso is running
      (closes: Malone #34510 espresso-frontend-gtk task).
    - Translate window title immediately when changing language.
    - Make title of install progress bar translatable.
    - Make sure that cancelling the installation at the summary page cancels
      partman too.
    - Make "Installation complete" translatable.
  * Make sure that debconffilter never tries to call the same widget more
    than once for a single command.
  * Move more frontend-independent translation logic from the GTK frontend
    to espresso.misc so that other frontends can use it.

 -- Colin Watson <cjwatson at ubuntu.com>  Wed, 22 Mar 2006 10:48:13 +0000

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