[Bug 35641] gnome-open doesn't support data: urls

Tristan Wibberley tristan at wibberley.org
Tue Mar 21 19:21:04 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Sebastien Bacher wrote:

> Thanks for your bug. Do you have any pointer to a specification
> describing "data:" has something owned by a web browser? Is that a
> standard URI form?

It is listed in STD1 (http://rfc.net/std1.html) as a proposed standard, 
and it is defined in RFC2397 (http://rfc.sunsite.dk/rfc/rfc2397.html).

Ideally I think it should be handled by a simple switch program that 
pops up and asks what to do with it - which could be configured to 
always open in the browser, or always decode the file and reapply 
gnome-open, or decode and reapply gnome-open for some mime types while 
passing the url on for others.

But starting the web browser as a program that lets you do other stuff 
with it is a reasonably sensible thing to do without needing major work 
- that can be configured in gconf anyway.

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