[Bug 34232] Totem crashes all the system when opening a file

JCB jc.baptiste at free.fr
Mon Mar 20 20:22:47 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Definitely not. Just this evening, for the first time, Mplayer presented the same behavior. Mouse control lost, permanent access to the hard drive, black screen and then mouse cursor appearing and disappearing.
No way to take back the control, just reboot.
Doesn't it look like a memory leak (filling up the swap) ?
But from what, I have no idea and don't know how to search. Any idea ?
Maybe the only point I have with the other bug is the video card : the i915 of my laptop.
It is so exasperating, every time I open a movie I feel I am playing a kind of death lottery with my file system.

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