[Bug 31200] [Dapper] Notification bubble cuts the icon

Mathieu Pillard mat at apinc.org
Sun Mar 12 02:24:30 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

I did the same test you did just after I made my comment. This bug is
still present for the standard theme (you can change it via gconf-
editor, in /apps/notification-daemon). For the ubuntu theme, it looks
fine with a top panel, but it's bugging like in my previous screenshot
with a bottom panel.

I'll open a new bug, this one is different and still valid IMHO, since I
suspect a number of users will still keep the standard theme, since it
blends much better with a lot of gtk themes.

Note that this problem with the standard theme happens with both bottom
and top panels, so there might be something to steal from ubuntu theme
to fix it (since this one works with a top panel)

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