[Bug 31122] rhythmbox freezes on startup

Alan Claunch aclaunch at comcast.net
Tue Mar 7 13:23:04 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

I *think* the problem was that I had rhythmbox audio sources on Samba
connected drives that were not mounted i.e. rhythmbox starts up, tries
to connect to network drive with shared music and hangs at the point of
initiating password dialog and Samba connect.As a test I deleted my
rhythmbox playlists.xml and rhythmdb.xml files and it started fine; I
then added audio sources on my local drive and again it worked fine. I
redeleted the xml files and added a Samba mounted drive to the source
list and after a while (there are about 2000 songs in the directory) it
was added to the list. I then unmounted the Samba volume and restarted
rhythmbox and again it was fine. But, I then rebooted and when I
restarted rhythmbox it hung/froze presumably trying to connect to the
unmounted Samba volume referenced in playlist.xml or rhythmdb.xml.I
remounted the Samba volume and restarted rhythmbox and again it found
the appropriate playlist and was fine.

Hope this helps. Maybe this is not truly a bug but rather a function of
rhythmbox interacting with Samba.


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