[Bug 32029] double free error when at-spi is installed

Mark Doliner thekingant at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Mar 7 04:58:30 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Sorry for the late reply.  Does the crash happen when at-spi is
INSTALLED?  Or do you have to actually be running some sort of assistive
technology program?  Or maybe you have some sort of assistive technology
daemon running in the background that attaches to Gaim ("GTK
Accessibility Module initialized")?  Does it still crash if you disable
that background process?

While trying to debug this, you'll definitely want to "export
MALLOC_CHECK_=2" in the same terminal that you use to start Gaim (see
the bottom of the malloc man page for info).  It may not necessarily
help in this case, but it certainly won't hurt.

The symptoms and stacktrace make me feel like this is a problem with at-
spi and not with Gaim.  Although it is curious that it only happens when
you change your away message.  And I assume you're only having the
problem with Gaim?

Could it be a version/library mismatch?  Did you compile Gaim on your
machine?  Or, was it compiled against the specific versions of gtk/atk
that you are using on your machine?  Was at-spi compiled specifically
for the versions of gtk/atk that you are using?  (If you're getting
everything from the Dapper repositories, then my guess is that
everything should be fine in this area.)

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