[Bug 33938] videooutput display is green

Jowi k4p0w3r at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 6 22:26:32 UTC 2006

Public bug reported:

Affects: totem (Ubuntu)
       Severity: Normal
       Priority: (none set)
         Status: Unconfirmed


I just did a dist-upgrade from breezy to dapper today (06 mar 2006).

This problem is not only connected to totem.
Hardware: via epia M-10000. xorg using "via" driver.
DRI works. 2d and 3d apps work fine.

Tested applications: 
mplayer, totem, totem-xine. All plugins installed on all movie players (including w32codecs and the "bad" and "ugly" gstreamer ones).
VLC segfaults for me so I could not test it.

All movies (8 avi/xvid and 3 DVDs tested) output a forest-green display/image instead of the expected image. None of the applications report an error with the movie files.
I get this problem on all output sinks for gstreamer (ximagesink, xvimagesink and sdlimagesink).
Only mplayer -vo X11 work somewhat (image is displayed but it is a bit distorted).

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