[Bug 33699] [Dapper]Stochastically fails to properly shutdown

tenco martin.ammermueller at bnro.de
Sat Mar 4 14:29:47 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Description changed to:
    With certain gnome-panel-applets combinations, gnome-panel fails to
    shut down properly on session logout. Found applets-combination:

    - Ubuntu default combination
    - mixer_applet2 and battstat-applet-2. This occurs only if mixer_applet2 resides left from battstat-applet-2 in gnome-panel. Additional requirements for this to occur: mixer_applet2 must be added through the "Add to panel..."-dialogue. Moving an existing mixer_applet2 from right of battstat-applet2 to left of battstat-applet2 could not be confirmed.

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