[Bug 49221] Re: Unable to start applications after hibernation

Martin Emrich emme at emmes-world.de
Thu Jun 29 08:57:44 UTC 2006


I have the same symptoms here:

- Thinkpad T41p
- Ubuntu 6.06 LTS
- After resume from suspend-to-ram (or standby, don't know which S?-Level GNOME uses), gnome-terminal et al. do not start correctly
- strace -p <pid of gnome-terminal> stalls at "read(10,"
- after removing everything in /tmp/.ICE-unix/ , starting another gnome-terminal works
- but on hitting System->End Session... , the logout window still does not appear
- Killing the session with CTRL-ALT-BS returns the computer to an useable state.

Is there another way to help out? When I have some time left, I'll try
to do a script strace()ing gnome-session over a suspend-resume cycle,
but as this error does not appear every time, it will take some time...



Unable to start applications after hibernation

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