[Bug 49858] kerberos authentication broken for smb module

Florian Pflug fgp at phlo.org
Thu Jun 15 14:35:53 UTC 2006

Public bug reported:

After installing dapper drake flight 5, I made my machine member of a
active directory domain using samb and kerberos. I added pam_krb5 so
common-auth and common-session, and was able to connect to fileservers
using nautilus _without_ having to supply my password.

Now, after updating to the final version of dapper, things don't work anymore.
After I log in via gdm, klist shows that I have a valid ticket for the domain, and
I can use "smbclient -k //server/share" to connect to a server without supplying a password. Nautilus, however, doesn't seem to use kerberos anymore. If I browse the network using nautilus, it wan't me to supply a password when I try to connect to a server.

** Affects: gnome-vfs2 (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Untriaged
         Status: Unconfirmed

kerberos authentication broken for smb module

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