[Bug 46988] Re: previous notify icon was better

hackel hackel at walkingfish.com
Mon Jun 12 20:04:07 UTC 2006

Launchpad doesn't seem to have voting ability like Bugzilla, so I will
simply add my own /me too post.

I didn't understand why the icon changed, the other one was clear and
looked rather good.  The new one is ambiguous at best, you -have- to
hover over it to have any clue what it's talking about.  I knew what the
first one meant right away.  Having to reboot should happen rarely
enough in LTS (if ever?) that I don't think it's worth distinguishing
them with a bad icon.  Why not make the current update icon into the
"reboot" icon, and use the old update icon for, well, updates?  To me,
this actually looks more like a "power" icon.  Just an idea...

previous notify icon was better

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