[Bug 44101] Re: [Dapper] gnome-sound-properties always defaults to first card

cparker cparker at member.fsf.org
Mon Jun 12 17:11:06 UTC 2006

I'm also experiencing this problem.

I just upgraded to 6.06 LTS from 5.10 maybe a half hour ago using the
Update Manager. Sound was working without a problem in 5.10. Now there's
no sound.

If I go to System -> Preferences -> Sound, my USB camera that has a
microphone in it (Logitech QuickCam) is selected as "Default sound
card". There are three choices:

1. Camera
2. MPU-401 UART
3. NVidia nForce2

If I select the third option, I am able to click the "play" buttons next
to each sound that has a value assigned to it (I have the ESD checkbox
checked). Upon selection of the correct "Default sound card" option, the
only choice I have is to click the Close button on the lower-right
corner of the window.

Following this, I am still unable to play sounds. When I open up the
Sound Preferences window again, the "Default sound card" option is reset
back to "Camera".

[Dapper] gnome-sound-properties always defaults to first card

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