[Bug 40795] Re: cannot write /var/cache/cups/ppds.dat

joosteto ubuntu at joostje.komputilo.org
Sun Jun 11 11:27:48 UTC 2006

In debian, using hplip 0.9.7-4, I experienced excactly the same thing (That's why I tried ubuntu).
But once I tried hplip 0.9.11-2 (from unstable), it all seems fixed. the cups http printer page immedeately showed the printer (HP-2175, connected via USB), and printing now works OK.

Maybe I'll try the ubuntu live CD again later today, and install the
same lplip 0.9.11-2 (from debian) in it (if that's at all possible), and
see if hat solves the problem.

cannot write /var/cache/cups/ppds.dat

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