[Bug 48412] Re: Disk detected as unallocated

kycho kycho at poczta.fm
Fri Jun 9 08:02:10 UTC 2006

I have similar problem: partitioner is not able to read my partition
table. I have 3 primary partitions + 1 extended with 6 logical
partitions more.

During installation process 'Partitioner' does not see any partition,
GParted (not surprising) does not see it as well, but Disk Management
tool (or something like that) has no problems and shows all my

I used 'fdisk' to partition my harddisk for the particular installation
successfully. Unfortunately, the installer says: "No root file systems"
after assigning partitions to mount points (e.g. "/" root and swap).

I used 'desktop' and 'alternate' installers with the same effect - I cannot install Ubuntu on ma PC.
It looks like the most stable version of Ubuntu still needs some work. Of course, if you want to wipe all your data from your harddisk (surprise! ;), it will go smoothly ...

Disk detected as unallocated

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