[Bug 36581] Re: gam_server consumes lots of cpu time

Fuji rfujimoto at imap.cc
Thu Jun 8 03:06:28 UTC 2006

--I mean that gam_server is not used when you do an Ubuntu installation
(ie: the one with GNOME), it doesn't mean the bug should not be fixed
but that's just not a priority for the Ubuntu desktop team right now

It is in main, this software is supposed to be tested.  Can this be
reassigned then to whomever is in charge of "admin" or whomever this
software is a priority for (Kubuntu devs maybe...)?

I've found I have to kill all konqueror's (or any application that will
poll $HOME).  When killing konq, remember to search for any preloaded

gam_server consumes lots of cpu time

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