[Bug 48180] Re: [Bug 48180] Re: System -> Prefernces -> About Me does not work

Dwight shepherd dwight.shepherd at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 02:10:09 UTC 2006

Thank you for replying too and you are correct. I have been able to
reproduce this bug from your instructions. It seems that this only happens
once and only once when attempting to put information in the 'about me'

Thanks for the bug report, consider this bug report confirmed.

On 6/4/06, David Courtney <blixel at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 6/4/06, Dwight shepherd <dwight.shepherd at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I cant seem to replicate this error. I followed your instructions
> > closely and About Me still saves my input even when I tabbed between
> > fields.
> >
> > Is there anymore information you can gives us about this bug?
> >
> Yes ... I've played around with it quite a bit more and have learned
> the following:
> I noticed that my subsequent trips into the About Me box were
> successfully saving data in *some* of the fields without me hitting
> enter.  So it seems as though the problem is most obvious on a fresh
> install.
> I can repeatedly reproduce the original problem by creating a new user
> account (which creates a fresh home directory).  With the new user, go
> to About Me, type in some data, but only tab between the fields ... do
> not hit enter.  Then click close.  Go back to About Me and all the
> data you typed in will be lost.
> If you then fill out the data again, even if you only tab between
> fields, it will *then* be saved.  So it seems as though the first time
> you close About Me, it initializes something so that your subsequent
> trips into About Me will work "properly".
> I say "properly" because even after About Me starts saving the data, I
> still have the problem where the e-mail addresses are saved
> incorrectly.  The information I type into the Home e-mail address is
> saved to the Work e-mail address *IF* there is no data in the work
> e-mail address field.  IF the work e-mail address field is populated,
> then the home e-mail address is saved where it's supposed to be.
> The work e-mail address is saved correctly whether you have anything
> entered into the home e-mail address field or not.
> > How did you install Dapper? with the desktop cd?
> >
> Yes, I used the desktop CD.

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System -> Prefernces -> About Me does not work

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