[Bug 37073] Re: can't delete calendar

Oz123 nahumoz at gmail.com
Sun Jun 4 19:34:19 UTC 2006

I used xubuntu (dapper drake 6.06 beta) three weeks ago. I tried on a very week laptop I use for school (toshibe portege 3440CT with P3). So I thought it would be good enough. The main use was for calander.
I could not use evolution 2.6 which was downloded from official repositories via Synaptic. 
I could not delete calendars. 
I tried deleting calendars but it just kept ignoring me. 
The program did not crash or something.

Also when I imported a few calanders from ics files they where repeating around a few time (according to few calendars I had previously opened). So I had 4 or 5 instances of the same calendars
I was pretty upset. All my tryings to solve this problems didn't work out.
I also tried it with new users I created espcially for this.
The broken evolution repeated even after I reinstalled the system !
So this is probably a bug !
I will try to upgrade in the following day. Hope I will not encouter this problem again.

I will appreciate if you'd report if this problem consists. So I could safly upgrade and have my calendars working.
Thank's for the ubuntu team.

can't delete calendar

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