[Bug 31517] Re: hal-device-manager does not load

kidr kidrdbz at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 22:43:40 UTC 2006

Well, I no longer get the errors, though the solution doesn't satisfy

The errors went away after I removed my firewire pci card from my
computer.  Now everything else works except the sound, which I had
assumed was caused by the same hal problem, but apparently I was

On the firewire card it says "Radius inc. firewire pci 2330", but in the
computer it would show up as Texas Instruments LYNX Compatible 1394
something or other...

Just to make sure it was the firewire card I put the card back into the
computer and the errors came back again.  This makes me sad, as I had
hoped to use my external DVD burner with ubuntu.

hal-device-manager does not load

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