[Bug 22501] Re: serpentine couldnt start to burn

NickBooker bookn at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Jun 3 13:03:21 UTC 2006

Found URL.  I checked it out of SVN, built, installed and tested it both
on my laptop and my desktop with different results.

The CD produced is perfect on both machines, and only on my desktop do I
have the issue of the error message appearing after the burn has
completed.  I hadn't tested on laptop before.

Could it be an issue with my model of CD burner on the desktop?  Both
drives are DVD+RW.  I don't have issues burning iso images or data.

Output from commandline on desktop when a blank is not found:
  Could not fully determine drive profile 0: Error reading disc information

There's no output of this kind when used on the laptop.

Drive details:
  Desktop:  info.product = "BENQ DVD DD DW1620"
  Laptop:  info.product = "SD-R6252"

Should I raise this issue elsewhere?

serpentine couldnt start to burn

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